Legal Office Petrow employs and works together with over 50 practicing barristers and lawyers from many European countries (Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Sweden, etc.)

Our aim is to support development and legal protection of our customers

We offer you legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Free legal advice;
  • Comprehensive legal services to companies;
  • Comprehensive accounting services to companies;
  • Representation of companies in state and municipal institutions;
  • Legal protection of companies;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Divorce cases;
  • Child support recovery;
  • Consideration of administrative cases;
  • Company registration;
  • Company liquidation and reorganisation;
  • Settlement of corporate disputes;
  • Settlement of insurance disputes;
  • Preparation of complex contracts and documents;
  • Representation in courts and arbitration courts;
  • Filing claims, preparation of claims;
  • Settlement of inheritance cases.

To submit an application for free legal advice or ask a question, write here We will promptly respond to you request and schedule an appointment for free legal advice at a time convenient for you.

We also offer our services on the Internet. You can order a service and pay for it via Internet bank.

We offer you our “Warning” service, which allows you company informing a possible debtor that you have handed over the case to “Petrow” Legal Office, which will materially reduce risk of untimely payment or non-payment for goods or services.

Our motto: We work for you!

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